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About Us

TAL (Air Cool Industrial Co., Ltd) serves as a supplier for The Home Depot, producing various fan models under the retailer’s brands, mainly Hampton Bay and Home Decorators Collection.

Halsey, a renowned name in the fan industry, employs a modest team of 80 but is globally recognized for its superior custom-made fans. Halsey’s distinguished clientele has included:

  • Homestead (1987-1994)
  • Casablanca (direct drive models, 1995-1998)
  • Modern Fan (1997-present)
  • Beverly Hills (1985-1997)
  • Design House (dates unknown-present)
  • Hampton Bay (1986-1988)
  • Regency (1988-present)
  • Sonica (1990-present)

Halsey initiated its partnership with Home Depot in mid-1986, continuing until 1988. During this period, other suppliers also contributed, but one ceased operations twelve years ago.

In 1989, Air Cool and Compass Electronic Industry (CEI) began supplying fans to Home Depot. By 1991, Home Depot expanded its supplier base to include Casablanca, Fasco, and Hunter to offer more variety akin to fan showrooms. That same year, Encon began providing accessories and light kits under the Hampton Bay brand. In 1992, Home Depot incorporated Encon’s fans and products from 3-Spectrum Creations and Fantec, all branded as Hampton Bay.

In 1993, Shi Chen Co. Ltd was added as a supplier. By 1994, Home Depot shifted its strategy to exclusively sell Hampton Bay-labeled fans, discontinuing Casablanca and Fasco. Encon and Spectrum Creations agreed to rebrand their fans as Hampton Bay. Air Cool, CEI, and Shi Chen expanded their model offerings for Home Depot.

In 1995, a new factory joined the existing suppliers, and Fasco reintroduced with two models of the American Spirit fan under the Hampton Bay brand, named Heartland II. By 1996, Fasco sold its ceiling fan division to Rival Corp., and Home Depot ended its association with Fasco.

From late 1996 to early 1997, Minka Aire and S.M.C. joined as suppliers. S.M.C. provided competitive pricing and a wider selection, leading Home Depot to favor S.M.C. and reduce CEI model offerings. Minka Aire supplied twelve high-end models.

S.M.C. became the primary supplier by 1998, receiving awards from Home Depot for outstanding performance. In 2000, CEI returned with a competitive offer for five models, which were adopted by Home Depot, including the Thailand-made 52″ models such as Landmarks, Carriage Houses, Rockports, Princetons, and Jerichos.

The Jericho II model was also produced by Air Cool and King of Fans, with the latest Jericho III version manufactured by CEI.

In 1999, in response to customer feedback, Home Depot collaborated with King of Fans and Hunter/CEI to enhance the quality of its fans, incorporating unique, patented features and adding the Hampton Bay logo badge on the fan and pull chains, a practice that Harbor Breeze adopted that same year.

As of 2004, Home Depot’s suppliers include King Of Fans, Minka Aire, CEI (under Hunter’s management), S.M.C., and Spectrum Creations (U.S.).